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Here, you will find details of my Career and Life, Books, and Media & Public Appearances. I also make available a substantial collection of my journalistic writings.  At the bottom of this page, I have selected a quote from these writings in the hope that it will help you kick off your day on a contemplative, thought-provoking, but always life-affirming note.  Since 2021, I have been a Contributing Editor to the European Conservative magazine, the online edition of which you can view at


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Latest Articles, Interviews & Videos

*Here is a long essay on ‘Building, Beauty, and Belonging’ published by Public Discourse on May 15, 2024:

* This is an interview, published on May 9, 2024, with Professor Crawford Gribben for the New books Network. It is based on the new edition of my book Roger Scruton: The Philosopher on Dover Beach – An Intellectual Biography that was published on March 28 (see below). Listen here:

* This is an interview I recently recorded with The Reading Wheel Review of the Center for Religion, Culture & Democracy, on all aspects of Scruton’s life and thought. Listen here:

* The new paperback edition of my book Roger Scruton: The Philosopher on Dover Beach: An Intellectual Biography was released by Bloomsbury on March 28, 2024, to mark the fifteenth anniversary of its original publication. It includes a new Preface, Introduction and Afterword. See

* Here is my latest online essay from The European Conservative, which appeared on February 27, 2024: ‘A Life Less Ordinary: John Bellingham (1929-2023)’:

* My latest column in The European Conservative print edition is ‘The Bliss of Love’ (Issue 29, Winter 2024). See For those not subscribed, please get in touch and we’ll email you a copy of the piece.

* ‘The Religion of Antichrist’ (Issue 28, Fall 2023, The European Conservative) is now available to read online: It was also featured in this dicussion with Fr. Benedict Kiely and Michael Knowles: (article is referenced at around 17 minutes).

* I shall give a lecture on ‘Beauty and the Human Person’ at a conference entitled Who are You? The Mystery of the Human Person Revealed, in St. Mary’s, Pope’s Quay in Cork, on Saturday, January 27, 2024. Here are the details:

* On Wednesday, November 22, 2023, I gave the following lecture in the Skellig Series:

* My latest column in The European Conservative print edition is ‘The Religion of Antichrist’ (Issue 28, Fall 2023). See For those not subscribed, please get in touch and we’ll email you a copy of the piece.

* Here are my latest online essays from The European Conservative, both of which appeared in October 2023:

‘Surviving the Synod’:

‘An Antisemite? Pius XII was a Righteous Gentile’:

* September 2023: I did a third podcast interview with Chuong Nguyen of Musically Speaking, this time on Jacques Derrida. You can listen here:

* 2024 marks the 15th anniversary of the publication of my book Roger Scruton: The Philosopher on Dover Beach. To mark the occasion, Bloomsbury are reissuing the book in paperback format. More updates soon.

*In August 2023, The Catholic World Report published ‘On culture wars and the “woke capital of Europe”: A Conversation with Mark Dooley’. You can read the interview here

* In August 2023, the French magazine L’incorrect published an interview with me entitled ‘Scruton, Derrida et Moi’. See

* My latest column in The European Conservative print edition is ‘How to Read Hegel’ (Issue 27, Summer 2023, pp. 123-127). See For those not subscribed, please get in touch and we’ll email you a copy of the piece.

*I shall give two lectures at the Scruton Hub in Budapest, Hungary, on Friday, September 15 2023. See

* In May 2023, I did an interview with Jason Thacker of Digital Public Square on ‘The Life and Work of Sir Roger Scruton’. You can listen here:

* Also, in May 2023, I published ‘Roger Scruton and the Love of Home’ in Public Discourse. You can read the article here:

*My latest column in The European Conservative print edition is entitled ‘Art Cannot Substitute for Religion’ (Issue 26, Spring 2023, pp. 22-25). See For those not subscribed, please get in touch and we’ll email you a copy of the piece.

*Here is my latest online essay for The European Conservative: ‘Walking in St. Paul’s Footsteps: The Irish Bishops Must Rediscover the Apostolic Calling’

*I shall be giving a lecture on ‘How Europe Lost its Way: Sir Roger Scruton and the “False Europe”, as part of The Skellig Lecture Series 2023. For details of this and the full list of lectures see

* My essay ‘Main Currents in Roger Scruton’s Philosophy’ has just appeared in a fine volume edited by Piotr Wroblewski: Tradition and Change: Scruton’s Philosophy and its Meaning for Contemporary Europe (Warszawa 2022).

*January 2023: I did a second podcast interview with Chuong Nguyen of Musically Speaking, this time on Hegel:

*My two recent essays in print edition of The European Conservative magazine are: ‘The Tyranny of Egotism’ Issue 24, Fall 2022, p. 112; ‘The Sacredness of Silence’ Issue 25, Winter 2023, pp. 126-130. My latest online contribution can be read here:

* I contributed an essay entitled: ‘The coffin in which they imagine God’s corpse to lie: Roger Scruton and the Problem of Atheism’, to Local Culture (Vol. 4, No. 2, Fall 2022), the current edition of which is dedicated to Scruton.

* This is a recent podcast interview I did on Against the Tide and other matters with Chuong Nguyen of Musically Speaking

*July 2022: I gave a lecture entitled ‘Hopkins, Scruton, and the Sacred’ at the 34th International Hopkins Festival, July 22-29. See

  • June 2022: I published the following essay on the cultural legacy of Antonio Gramsci in Public Discourse:

Antonio Gramsci’s Long Struggle

* Here are links to my latest contributions to The European Conservative magazine:

Postcards from the Frontline: Sir Roger Scruton as a Journalist

Every Tear has been Wiped Away: The True Meaning of the Cross

*April 2022: Douglas Murray’s review of Against the Tide in The New Criterion can be read Here

* February 7: I was in conversation with Fisher Derderian of The Roger Scruton Legacy Foundation on the subject of my latest book Against the Tide: The Best of Roger Scruton’s Columns, Commentaries and Criticism.   

* Against the Tide: The Best of Roger Scruton’s Columns, Commentaries and Criticism was released on January 20, 2022.  

* Read some of my recent articles for The European Conservative magazine below:

The Surprising Conservatism of Jacques Derrida

The Law of the Home: the Primacy of the Nation-State

* A beautifully produced Czech translation of my book Conversations With Roger Scruton was published in September, 2021.  It can be viewed and purchased here

* Below is a video interview I gave to Chris Missick’s VitiCulture Podcast on Roger Scruton, wine, conservation and belonging

* Below is a recent video interview that I gave on the newly published Finnish translation of Roger Scruton’s The Need for Nations

*I gave an online series of four lectures on The Conservative Hegel for the Roger Scruton Legacy Foundation during the month of March 2021.  Each lecture can be viewed here.

* I led a reading of Roger Scruton’s Fools, Frauds and Firebrands: Thinkers of the New Left, for the Roger Scruton Legacy Foundation during the month of February 2021.  Videos of the sessions can be viewed here.

*I gave a keynote address to an online conference: Tradition and Change: Scruton’s Philosophy, run by the University of Silesia in Katowice on Friday, January 22, 2021.  My lecture ‘Main Currents of Scruton’s Philosophy’ can be viewed below:

*I published a piece entitled ‘Roger Scruton was no atheist’ in The Critic on the first anniversary of Sir Roger’s death (12.1.2021).  You can read it here

*I gave an opening reflection at the Roger Scruton Legacy Foundation’s Remembering Roger Scruton online event to mark the first anniversary of Roger’s passing.  The event was streamed live on Tuesday, January 12.  View my comments and the opening session on Scruton and Eastern Europe here:

* My new book The Last Word: Roger Scruton’s Timely Tracts (Journalism 1971-2019) will appear with Bloomsbury in February 2022.  More details to follow.

* I wrote a short reflection on Roger Scruton as “Man of Letters” for the Roger Scruton Legacy Foundation which you can read Here

* I have just published an essay entitled ‘Benedict XVI:  Beauty as a Doorway to the Sacred’ in Dualta Roughneen (ed.), The Best of Benedict: An Irish Perspective (One on One Press, 2020).  The book is available here:

The Best Of Benedict – An Irish Perspective

* My essay ‘The Voice of History: Roger Scruton on the Meaning of Monarchy’, will appear in Carolina Armentros (ed.) The Making of Modern European Monarchy (Bloomsbury) in 2021.

* I led a discussion of my book Conversations with Roger Scruton online at the Scrutopia Book Club on Friday, October 23, 2020

On Roger Scruton and more, More Christ podcast, September 19, 2020

‘Society’s response to Covid’, Spirit Radio, September 17, 2020

‘Before & After Scruton’ in The European Conservative, Summer/Fall 2020, No. 17: 98-102.

‘A Philosophical perspective on the wearing of face masks to combat Covid 19’, Spirit Radio, June 17, 2020

A philosophical perspective on the wearing of face coverings to combat COVID-19

‘Sir Roger Scruton: The Philosopher’s Mind at its End’ in The Critic, February 12, 2020 Here

‘A Philosophical Approach to Voting’, Spirit Radio, January 31, 2020 –

‘A Christian-Philosophical Approach to the Climate Emergency’, Spirit Radio, November 20, 2019 

‘That this House would rather Believe’, Garret Fitzgerald Chamber, University College Dublin, 15.10.2019

‘The Poison of Negativity’, Spirit Radio, August 21, 2019 – 

‘What Roger Scruton can teach his detractors’, The Spectator, 30.4.2019

La fin de la democratie?’ in Les Democratie dans l’adversite, Chantal Delsol & Giulio de Ligio eds. (Cerf, 2019), pp. 117-130.

‘Burke, Prophet of Peace’ in The European Conservative, Issue 15: Summer/Fall 2018, pp. 26-29 (

  • And here is a topical piece from my archive:

Moral Matters, Irish Daily Mail

July 26, 2017

It’s summer, so stop buzzing around and bee in the moment

The gentle breeze blows and you close your eyes. The sun is warm and the days are long. The world is still except for the sound of nature’s symphony. You have so much to do, so much that needs tending. There is the morning mess – don’t we all have to deal with that? Yes, but this is summer so the mess can wait. School’s out and the children are squeezing joy from of every second. Can’t you hear them giggling as they perfect their mischief making? Is this a sound of summer too? No doubt they will add to the mess, but time will take care of that. Time: a summer luxury that allows you to excel at doing nothing. But how can you do nothing? Aren’t we always doing something, even if it is only sitting here savouring the silence? Perhaps it means opting out of the fast lane for a while. Perhaps it simply means slowing down to catch a breath. Nature neither speeds up nor slows down. You hear a buzz by your ear, a bee at work in the shrubs. No deadlines, targets or goals, just a gentle rhythm that gets the job done. Bees don’t take vacations…

Even the handprints on the glass doors are now saturated with significance. They symbolise that this house has become a true home, a place imprinted with memories of mirth and love. For me, the handprint is no longer a smudge that must be removed but a precious trace of life. ~Mark DooleySource: Moral Matters, 10.9.2014