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June 10, 2017

Why do we let this evil flourish here?

I was in a neighbour’s house when my phone rang. It was February 2005 and my wife was heavily pregnant with our first child. I took the call presuming it had something to do with her pregnancy. From the outset, the caller – who had a Middle eastern accent – was aggressive and hostile. He demanded to know if I was the ‘Mark Dooley who wrote about Islam in last Sunday’s paper’. When I confirmed that I was, he launched a ferocious tirade. ‘You must be an agent of the Jews!’ he roared, before saying: ‘If your article brings any police attention on us, I will hold you personally responsible’. His sinister threat left me cold because I knew from his tone that he meant every word of it. The following Friday I was scheduled to debate British journalist Robert Fisk on The late late Show…Read more