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‘What Roger Scruton can teach his detractors’, The Spectator, 30.4.2019 https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2019/04/what-roger-scruton-can-teach-his-detractors/

La fin de la democratie?’ in Les Democratie dans l’adversite, Chantal Delsol & Giulio de Ligio eds. (Cerf, 2019), pp. 117-130.

‘Burke, Prophet of Peace’ in The European Conservative, Issue 15: Summer/Fall 2018, pp. 26-29 (https://europeanconservative.com/wp-content/uploads/eurocon_15_2018_summer-fall_dig.pdf)

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Moral Matters, Irish Daily Mail

May 2, 2018

If we look hard enough, there is always light in the darkness…

May: a month of miracles. Not quite spring, not quite summer. A month when nature exhibits its finery and we respond with a smile. The days are long and the nights have fallen away. It seems like only yesterday when it was dark shortly after dawn. Not now: the sun peeps above the horizon well before the world awakes. It is still cold, but the nip is steadily losing strength. On the tree beyond my window, a pair of wood pigeons perch and coo. They sit and stare at the kaleidoscope of colour, at the cherry blossoms and the emerald vista. Like an old married couple, they peck at each other’s feathers. I like to think this is some class of cleaning ritual, or perhaps a little sign of romantic affection. after all, what is a kiss but a peck full of love? They peck and they coo, and it is this lazy sound which heralds the new dawn. Finches and blue tits come and go with lightning speed. They jump, hop, skip and fly away before you can fully savour their glorious plumage. But the wood pigeons, too old to care, remain impervious to it all. They fly in with the light and will depart only when we turn again towards the dark. They are mother and father of the trees, heavenly messengers of glad tidings. Spiders and ants, weeds and bees are all on the move in May. In the crisp, cool morning, the cobwebs shimmer and shine like natural art. The spider creates not for pleasure but to prey……Read More