Moral Matters


November 29, 2017

How the Mr Men have kept me company for forty years

It seems that the Mr Men series of books are in my life to stay. After our youngest underwent his initiation, we packed them away thinking that our grandchildren will be next. But, no, those books, many of which have been in my possession for forty years, are back out in full force. My love affair with the Mr Men began in 1977, when I was only seven years of age. My grandmother was then living in Coventry and I expressed a desire to visit her. And so, that summer, I flew to stay with her in a quaint suburb of the city. The Queen was visiting Coventry on the day I landed. Elvis Presley died during my vacation. But none of that could compete with my discovery of Mr Bump, Mr Uppity and their friends. ‘I am lonely, and I want to go home tomorrow,’ I said to my grandmother that first night. ‘Of course,’ she said, ‘we’ll have you on the first flight. But first, let me read you one of these.’ There, in her hand, was a bunch of little white books which I have to this day. She read Mr tickle and I was hooked. I went to sleep knowing that I was staying put for the summer. In that moment, I entered a new world of humorous and heartwarming characters. Slowly but surely, I amassed the full collection of books. At the core of each was a lesson in good manners, compassion and courage. Their seeming simplicity belied a depth of moral truth…Read more