Moral Matters


June 21, 2017

We must have high hopes… even in times of real sadness

Too much sadness now, too much desolation in a world too weary to respond. Fractured hopes, shattered dreams – people unable to cope with their lot. Uncertainty and doubt make it seem like all is lost. And yet, we sense that beneath all the turmoil there is something good and real and enduring. Sometimes, we can’t name it, but we know it is there. Sometimes, it simply catches us by surprise. The child – our child – sings in the school concert. He and his friends are leaving soon and this is their last chance to shine. They sing an emotional version of High Hopes, a song by the Irish group Kodaline. I have never heard of the group or the song. But once they start to sing, their parents’ tears begin to flow. The boys have so many high hopes and it is our prayer that they shall realise each one. A simple song and the worries of the day drift away…Read more