Moral Matters


August 9, 2017

Even the kids of Cyberia just long to belong

Last weekend, I found myself sitting in Sunday Hill Farm listening to a trio of musicians playing Beethoven. Sunday Hill Farm is the Wiltshire home of British philosopher Sir Roger Scruton. As his biographer, I was there to hold a public conversation with him about his life and thoughts. Sunday Hill Farm is situated on the outskirts of Malmesbury and is ‘an old cottage of Costwold stone’. In this rustic idyll, Scruton writes and farms his way through the day. He calls it ‘Scrutopia’, a rooted place shaped by culture and custom, animals and Aristotle. Our conversation takes place at the ‘Scrutopia Summer School’, an event that seeks to give delegates a taste, not only of Scruton’s thought, but of his daily life. That is why, as the sun begins to set, we are assembled in his library. It is a converted barn that contains two pianos and thousands of dusty tomes. Oozing antique charm, this library is a place that reveals the beauty of old things. It is a storeroom of memory, where the ghosts of Scruton’s past smile down from the rafters. It is a true home that bears witness to the ‘remnants of a life’…Read more