Moral Matters


May 17, 2017

Simple, special words for our little miracles

The words were so simple, yet when spoken with such passion they seemed to make the world stand still. For when it comes to words, nothing matters more than delivery. Winston Churchill knew this, which is why we remember him as someone who could move a nation simply by speaking. I doubt the parent in question would thank me for comparing her to Churchill. But every now and then, you hear something so powerful that you may as well be listening to a great orator. The parent was Gemma and she spoke at our son’s First Communion last Saturday. In the concluding moments of a beautiful and memorable ceremony, Gemma approached the altar and read, A Parent’s Reflection. Most of the congregation had already been brought to tears by the reverence of the boys as they undertook their various tasks. Then, just after they received Communion, Gemma spoke for us and, indeed, for every parent throughout the land…Read More