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Here, you will find details of my Career and Life, Books, and Media & Public Appearances. I also make available a collection of my journalistic writings. Just below, you will find a new Moral Matters Column (uploaded each Friday) and a selection of my Saturday Essays from the Irish Daily Mail.  At the bottom of this page, I have selected a quote from my writings in the hope that it will help you kick off your day on a contemplative, thought-provoking, but always life-affirming note.

Moral Matters


September 28, 2016

From pure evil bloomed the poetry of love

Today, I want to share the inspiring story of Agnes Flanagan. Agnes’s grandniece Kay Reynolds wrote to me with information about her life. If I write about it today, it is because we ought never to lose sight of those who suffered so that we might live in peace. Agnes was born in Birr, Co. offaly, in 1909. In time, she became a nun and travelled to live in either France or Belgium. Towards the end of World War II, she ended up in the Ravensbrück concentration camp in northern Germany…Read More

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August 6, 2016

Maynooth Seminary Crisis

IN 2010, I was invited by this newspaper to write a piece on how the Irish Catholic Church could rebuild following the clerical sex abuse crisis. I had, since 2006, been lecturing in the Philosophy Department at NUI Maynooth (NUIM). among my students were seminarians from St Patrick’s College – the National Seminary – which shares a campus with NUIM…Read more

At its best, commitment involves a promise to be faithful come what may. If true friendship demands such a promise, it is because friends must know they can rely on each other even in the darkest times. That is why friendship is not found but made, built up over time and cemented in trust.~Mark Dooley, Moral MattersSource: 25.2.2015