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Moral Matters, Irish Daily Mail

February 15, 2017

We too can be renewed come spring

As I write, a band of misty rain is falling outside. The grass is sodden and the naked trees look desolate. And yet, even on a morning that most people would describe as ‘miserable’, who can deny that spring is struggling to be born? On sunday, I awoke to a familiar sound, one that I haven’t heard in many months. It was the sound of our beloved wood pigeons returning after winter. Their unmistakable cooing was definitive proof that the season of hope is finally upon us. Spring: a season when the world begins to unveil its beauty. Already, the daffodils are up, even if they have yet to bloom. Soon, they shall open and smile, revealing the majesty of nature in its infancy. Last week, as I strolled beneath a low spring sun, my eyes caught sight of the first cherry blossoms. The cherry blossom is always the first tree to show its splendour in spring. Almost overnight, the tender buds break open to display their delicate white flowers…Read More

The family, which surrounds a child from birth, molds and shapes its moral responses to the world. It is the arena in which all the great moral dramas are played out in micro form, thereby equipping the child with an ethical education…It is by his parents’ example, and in their image, that the child will emerge from innocence and assume responsibility for his own life. ~Mark DooleySource: Moral Matters, 22.3.2010